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vanmaw (0)
placed: Tue, Apr 25, 2017 01:57:17 PM
Fixed price job
Hello there, I undertake event management at Vancouver and adjoining areas. Few notable events conducted so far are
(a) International Yoga Day 2015
(b) International Yoga Dy 2016
(c) Seniors Health and Resources Exp(SHARE) conducted by CARP- 2016
(d) Scheduled- International Yoga day 2017

The total price for the bid is $ 8000. However, if required I can give break up itemised cost for each of the activities and we can negotiate costs once I get a clearer understanding of the work. The tasks that shall be undertaken will be as follows:-
1.Setting up the contacts with the cinema theater, book the event
2. Promoting the Festival through online sites and flyer distribution
3. Ordering the external services (Red carpets, Step and Repeats and others).-part of experience in event management
4. Online assisting (through emails)the filmmakers, photographers, press, special guests during the preparation and planning of the events--part of experience in event management
5. Online assisting and informing the filmmakers and special guests attending the festival for the event’s schedule and accommodation details.-part of experience in event management
6. Attending the festivals, solving the problem and making sure everything runs smoothly. Will be done by a team arranged by us.