How Does Project4Hire Work?

Project4Hire is a freelance marketplace that connects hiring clients to freelance professionals and contractors all over the world. Clients post jobs or their project scope along with their requirements or skill set they are looking for. Freelancers or contractors give quotations or bids for the amount that they would charge to do the job or service. Clients can select the freelancers of their choice at any time, and begin working with them.

Project4hire has freelance programmers, IT specialists, web developers, graphic artists, writers, translators, virtual assistants, HR consultants, bookkeepers, paralegals, engineers, and other freelance professionals from all over the world ready to assist you in your projects and provide you with excellent services at very competitive prices! Project4Hire is here to meet all the outsourcing needs of individual webmasters, small business owners, companies and corporations. To find the talent you need, register as a client and post an unlimited number of projects/jobs for free!

Project4hire offers an excellent opportunity for skillful individuals to earn income working from home from paid gigs. If you are looking for work, register now and start bidding on jobs!
How To Get Started
Are You Looking To Hire?

1. Register as a Client. It's free!
Registration is quick and easy!

2. Post your Project/Job. It's free!
You may offer our SafePay service as a payment option for a safer way to pay your freelancer.

3. Receive bids from Freelancers.
Check out the bidders' portfolios, reviews & ratings. Ask questions.

4. Select the Freelancer of your choice.
Award your project to the freelancer of your choice and wait for him/her to accept your project. You may select another freelancer if he/she takes too long to respond.

5. Start working with your freelancer.
Use the optional Workspace for online collaboration with your freelancer.

6. Leave feedback when work is completed.
You may rate your freelancer and post a review on your experience working with the freelancer.

Are You Looking For Work?

1. Register as a Freelancer. It's free*!
*You may choose to register as a Basic Freelancer for free, or as a Premium Freelancer for $10/month. You may also register first as a Basic Freelancer and upgrade later if you so choose.

2. Add Your Skills & Update Your Portfolio. It's free!
You may add skills to your profile and add items to your portfolio for free.

3. Bid on Projects/Jobs. It's free!
You may bid on any projects/jobs that you are interested in for free.

4. Accept Projects that are awarded to you by clients.
If you are a Basic Freelancer, you are required to pay a $5 fee to accept a project. If you are a Premium Freelancer, it's completly free.

5. Start working on your project & get paid!
Use the optional Workspace for online collaboration with your client.

6. Leave feedback when work is completed & you are paid.
You may post a review on your experience working with the client.
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