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Website Design

7 listings found in Website Design
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Flash website with shopping cart

Budget: Non-disclosed  |  Posted: Oct 17, 2014  |  Ends: 6h, 56m   |  24 bids

I would like a nice flash intro designed to my website. I would also like to get the website designed It doesn't have to be in flash. I need five pages including shopping cart setup Please .....

Category: Website Design

Required Skills: None

jneal8210  |    United States

Build a social network

Budget: Non-disclosed  |  Posted: Oct 20, 2014  |  Ends: 2d, 19h   |  10 bids

i have an order to build a social network using the attached mockup design and the joomla community builder see mock up here you will .....

Category: Website Design

Required Skills: None

st0ckman  |    United States

Directory website Joomla

Budget: Non-disclosed  |  Posted: Oct 27, 2014  |  Ends: 4d, 17h   |  15 bids

I need a directory website for my Joomla project. I can buy this extension All I need is fully functional website directory.

Category: Website Design

Required Skills: None

jeremyreed1978  |    United States

Smart way to advertise

Budget: Non-disclosed  |  Posted: Oct 29, 2014  |  Ends: 7d, 7h   |  0 bids

I am planning to install a video screen of 2 by 4 meters for advertising purposes. This panel will be used by my clients to display their ads. Each client must me able to log in .....

Category: Website Design

Required Skills: None

ivangeer  |    Netherlands Antilles

Need a custom template for a script

Budget: Non-disclosed  |  Posted: Nov 09, 2014  |  Ends: 17d, 22h   |  7 bids

I recently purchased the ilance script and I am looking for a good web designer to design a custom template for the script. Please note that you will be paid when the work is completed and not before.

Category: Website Design

Required Skills: None

super  |    United States

Investment Service Web Site

Budget: Non-disclosed  |  Posted: Oct 19, 2014  |  Ends: 27d, 3h   |  17 bids

I am in the early stages of building an investment service web site. I want to build a cheaper version of this web site and then eventually upgrade to a more dynamic and expensive web site .....

Category: Website Design

Required Skills: None

cofelice  |    United States

Three page website needed

Budget: Non-disclosed  |  Posted: Nov 19, 2014  |  Ends: 27d, 16h   |  11 bids

I need a 3 page website designed. It will be a home page, F.A.Q. page and a page with a form that can be filled out and submitted to my e-mail address.

Category: Website Design

Required Skills: None

hbrock  |    United States

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